How to Grow Your Hair Long

My advice to people who want to grow their hair long is simple: don't cut it! I know that sounds obvious, but everything in our culture encourages us to cut and style our hair. Fashion gurus insist that "a good cut" is essential to youth and beauty. If we have a life change, or we need a change, we cut our hair. We also treat our hair very badly, using heat and chemicals to achieve looks, that frankly, are unnatural, expensive, and exhausting to maintain. RELAX and just let nature take its course. Your hair wants to grow--just let it. When it gets to a strange grow out length, just put it up or into a hat or bandana. Growing out, hair bands are our friends. Pins and hairspray can get you through the worst of layers and shoulder length hair. Just be firm with yourself, and decide that you want your hair to be longer than it ever has been. It worked for me.

How Do You Put Up With It?

Actually, long hair is easier than short hair. Think about it: no salon visits, no flat irons, no perming or dying, and no daily washing and styling. Just brush it and go, or put it up and you're ready. My hair can have dramatically different looks--can you get that with a short style? Probably not.

Benefits of Long Hair


Stetching Out Washes

One of the few disadvantages to long hair, is the time that it takes to dry. But, generally, long hair looks good daily without styling, so it's not really necessary to completely wet it or wash it daily. In the beginning, you may notice that if you skip a day, your hair is greasy. Don't be alarmed, it's a process, but stretching out washes is pretty easy. First go every other day, wear it up on day two it it's awful. Then after a week or so, stretch to every third day, again, wear hair up if it's greasy. Do this for two weeks. Then go to washing every fourth day, wear up on days that it looks bad, or just braid. Do this for two to three weeks. Repeat as needed! I generally wash every five or six days, but I have gone for ten days, and I didn't even have to wash then. I do dampen the length of my hair nearly daily, and add conditioner and oils to keep my hair moisturized (I have dry hair--not damaged, just dry).


Cut Your Own Hair