How to use hairpins and sticks

copyright 2008 by Michele Scott James

Coil your hair into the position that you want it to stay in, then holding your pin, gently grab a bit of hair at the edge of your coiled or braided bun.

pinning 1

Then pivot outward, and grab some scalp hair just outside of your bun,

pinning 2

then pivot the pin inward towards the center of your bun, catching more scalp hair under the bun and push all of the way in.

pinning 3

Repeat around the bun as necessary for a secure hold. Some people like to slightly squeeze the pins as they inert them, then let them open up once they are in place to insure that they stay put.

pinning 7

The process for a hair stick is much the same. Grab a bit of the coil,

pinning 8

push the stick outward and catch some scalp hair,

pinning 9

pivot it back under the bun,

pinning 10

bring it up on the other side of the bun and catch a bit of a coil on the opposite end.

pinning 11