Shell's Hair Page

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Hair History in Pictures

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Growing Hair and Care Hints

Henna gloss for blonde hair

Using Indian Herbs for Hair Care

Western Herbs and Techniques for Hair Care

How to use hairpins and sticks

Braid Washing

Scalp Washing

Updos and Braids


Dreamweaver Braiding

Styling Station Central

Ariane Rube's YouTube style instructions

Celtic Knot

Cinnamon Hair's French Twist for very long hair

JJJ Pinless Bun

JJJ Pretzel Bun

Leia's Swirly Bun

Sock Bun




The Long Hair Community

The Long Hair Community Back up Boards

The Beauty Bottle

Cinnamon Hair's site

Stressless Tresses

Le Jardin d'Isa & No

Henna For Hair

Mei Fa sticks and demonstrations

Designs by Baerreis

Chagrin Valley Soap and Shampoo Bars

Prairieland Herbs Soap and Shampoo Bars

Bronze Jewelers Barrettes and slides

Hesh pharma for Indian hair care herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs